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Updated: 02-21-2024

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As the local St. Louis AACA region, even during pandemics, we take our job very seriously. We are here to represent and support the future of the antique and classic car hobby, as well as take up the gauntlet to support charitable causes. Our membership is small but mighty, representing approximately 25 families who may or may not presently be owners of antique and/or classic cars. We donate time/money to as many charitable causes as possible each year, the most recent being the National Children's Cancer Society, among others.

We are an active club, not only participating in charitable events, but in educating the public (especially the next generation of car enthusiasts), educating and assisting our own members, and promoting fun/educational activities that involve our cars, like participating in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown St. Louis, hosting club parties, like our "Bones Nights", Christmas party, and going on tours (some of them overnight) to places like Branson, Springfield, IL, Auburn, IN, Topeka, KS, Kansas City, MO, Hershey, PA, and Moline, IL and more, many of which are National AACA meets. We are also big on touring private collections, like Hunter (an invitation-only event owned by Stephen Brauer) and others as the opportunities present themselves. The St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown St. Louis, is an annual event for our club, thanks to the efforts this year of our Vice President, Mark Linder. It is a Spring club favorite! We also participate in Ranken and MOT shows and activities. In addition, we frequently tap the expertise of our club members and others to be shared in meetings. We host demonstrations like car detailing, all about brakes, and insurance for antique/classic cars, and serious "walks down memory lane," like the club meeting with Mark Goldfeder who "wowed" us with extremely rare original movies of the St. Louis streetcar days.

Several members are also very active in the National Club activities/meets, acting as judges, team captains, working in administration, and of course, competing with our own classic and/or antique vehicles.

We also like to include tours to collections of our own local members and other clubs that can include overnighters. Our 2024 calendar activities promise to be just as busy AND EXCITING! Be sure to view our calendar pages for upcoming activities that might be of interest to you!

Also our club is so very proud to have had 2 rare "50-year" members of the AACA in our club! Wayne McKinley received his award at the 75th Anniversary AACA meet Louisville, KY in 2010, but sadly passed away 4 years ago. Our other 50-year member is a past president of our club, Al Mercer, who received his 50-year award, while simultaneously being awarded with an award for showing a 100-year-old antique 1922 Mercer Runabout this past October at the Grand Nationals in Virginia Beach. (His Mercer is shown at the top of this page.)

If you feel our club would be a "good fit" for your interests, just click on the link that says "Contact Us/Map," print it out, fill it out and mail it to me, Mark Linder, Vice President, Gateway City Car Club, 42 Woodlawn Circle, Belleville, IL 62226. Local dues are just $10, and for a limited time, some certificates are available for free national dues--a $45 value. (To participate in some of the events, you must also be an AACA member). If you have questions that this website fails to address, call me at home: 618-567-3161. I can also be contacted via the "Contact" page. As the club's Vice President, one of my goals is to increase the membership. More members = more participants, more causes served, more expertise to be shared, and of course, MORE FUN! Consider this your invitation. Visit our "Latest Activities" page and see what we've been up to lately! I hope you'll choose to join us!


Mark Linder, Vice President

Gateway City Car Club


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